Paleta de Bellota 100% Ibérica + Surtido de Embutidos

Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian Ham Shoulder + Iberian Charcuterie Sampler + Free apron

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100% Iberian pig. Limited quantity.

Label color: black

Cured: approximately 24 months

Produced from Ibérico pigs, chosen for their 100% pure Ibérico breed.

From Iberian pigs, selected for their exceptional 100% pure Iberian breed. These are the front legs of free-range 100% Iberian pigs raised in the woodlands known as the Dehesa in western Andalusia and Extremadura. During the Montanera (acorn-grazing) season, which typically extends from October to March, the pigs graze freely in these woodlands on a diet based on grasses and the acorns that fall from the holm oaks and cork trees.

The oleic acids in the acorn infiltrate the extremities of this species. Not only do these acids benefit cardiovascular health, but they also provide the ham with its characteristic aroma and flavor, making this product a treasure of our culinary heritage.

3 whole vacuum-packed pieces weighing approximately 1 kg each.

Cured Acorn-Fed Iberian Pork Loin: packed with flavor, this is one of our finest pieces, made from free-range Iberian pigs raised on acorns and other natural products in the woodlands known as the Dehesa.

Premium Cured Iberian Chorizo: made with selected lean Iberian pork and seasonings that give it a distinctive, authentic flavor.

Premium Cured Iberian Sausage: traditional sausage made with lean Iberian pork, a uniform mince and a sauce with a distinctive pepper flavor.

This Christmas every Ham and Shoulder comes with a free embroidered apron.

Service guaranteed

  • Packaged in gift boxes that can include the sleeve you like best.
  • Free shipping in SPAIN (Peninsula and Balearic Islands).
  • Quality assurance and optimal curing with a commitment to replace pieces at no extra cost should there be any issue with the product.
  • Certified according to the new Iberian product quality standard approved by Royal Decree 4/2014 of January 10.

Storage and serving

Keep the product in its vacuum pack until ready to eat.

Remove from the vacuum pack and let sit at room temperature until the product recovers its aroma and flavor. Cut the part you want to eat into thin slices.

Once opened, we recommend eating the product as soon as possible, placing plastic wrap over the area that has been cut and storing the piece horizontally in a dry, cool and dark place.

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