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Give the gift of happiness

Give the gift of happiness

Give the gift of happiness

Whenever a prize, gift or small present can make a difference in your relationship with your customers, employees or commitments, JABUGO REAL products JABUGO REAL are instrumental in helping you achieve complete satisfaction and an effective result.

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Just try and find a corporate gift that will make your customers happier.

Achieve the highest rentention rates again and again as an incentive, promotional gift, or as part of a loyalty catalog.

Offered through your usual channels (newsletters, intranet, staff associations, etc.), few initiatives will result in as many smiles as this.

Additional discount

According to order total

From €1,500.01 to €6,0003%
From €6,000.01 to €18,0005%
Entre 18.000,01 y 36.000 €7%
Mas de 36.000,01 €9%

Please ask for businesses discounts in

Profitable and Comfortable

Profitable and Comfortable

Profitable and Comfortable

No initial cost...

A special offer with products from JABUGO REAL at no extra cost to the compay until it has worked.

....Nor prior commitment required

Call us and we will reserve the products your require; simply request shipping and the products will be available as you need them.

No logistical problems...

We will keep the products in our warehouses, saving on stock-related costs and logistic efforts, with the peace of mind of knowing that the products will be served at optimum conditions.

Jabugo Real gift box

... No minimum order

Our end-to-end service includes home delivery and shipment tracking for any order amount, even a single product.

Original Packaging

Original Packaging

Original Packaging


With our gift boxes you can write your own message and include your company logo on our special Christmas sleeve.

Jabugo Real gift box


You can send gifts or prizes to a single destination or to different homes on the dates you specify.


Track deliveries and resolve any issues.


Máxima calidad y con compromiso de reposición sin costes adicionales, en caso de alguna incidencia.

You can download your order form and list of recipients in order to send it to us by fax or email